Cedric Peterson
One gets so caught up with the daily management of one’s business that you often forget to sit back and think about the future, the direction and the longer term vision of the enterprise. It is vital that the strategy is clear in the minds of owners and managers. We offer a professional strategic planning session where we act as facilitators and based on your guidance will formulate an action plan that will assist in the future success.

Each business is unique and different, but some of the factors that might have to be considered are:
Marketing and advertising
Customers / clients
Succession planning
Budgets and forecasts

Willie van der Merwe
Monthly Accounting:
Management Accounts

Annual Accounting:
Completion of Annual Financial Statements
Completion of Annual Income Tax Returns for Companies, CC’s, Trusts, Individuals

Bi-Annual EMP-recons
Completion and rendition of Compensation Commissioner Returns
Cash Flow Projections
Pastel Assistance
SARS Audit / Investigation Assistance

Our audit approach is team orientated with partners and managers actively involved in all stages of the audit. This results in a high quality focused audit by business professionals most familiar with your business. We are fiercely committed to ethical behaviour which is the back bone of our firm.

We believe in adding value through communicating the most appropriate advise to you from information obtained during our audit and assurance services. As our audit approach is focussed on risk, this allows us to provide you with the necessary feedback that will help to maximise the potential of your business. Whether your business is large or small, we will take personal interest in you.

You work so hard to acquire assets during your lifetime, make sure they are not squandered at death!

A will is a legal document which comes into effect when you die. Your will explains how and to whom your estate must be distributed. Your estate includes everything that you own at the time of your death. lf no will is made an estate will be wound up in terms of the law of intestate succession, and your estate may not be left to the persons of your choice.

Important changes to a person’s last will and testament need to be dealt with on a regular basis in order to give effect to a person's latest wishes. Examples of changes to consider include the birth of a new family member or the change in your marital status.

What are the advantages of having a last will and testament?
Ensures that your wishes are carried out
Save on estate duty with proper planning
Avoids higher estate administration costs
You can appoint your own executor
Protects your family's financial future
You can update your will at any time

Protects the inheritance of children under 18. Update your will today to ensure the protection of your assets.

Carel Barkhuizen
Please click here to download our full Secretarial Services List.

We offer tax services to assist you to comply with all aspects of taxation while at the same time advise on the most appropriate way to structure your business to optimise your overall tax burden.

Our tax compliance service includes the efficient and effective administration of your tax affairs, such as registration(s) for various taxes, completion and submission of the various returns as well as correspondence with SARS.

As part of tax planning we provide practical solutions to individuals and corporate’s tax needs. We will help you to evaluate the potential tax consequences of your decisions whilst at the same time keeping business and personal objectives in mind.

We are experienced in addressing complex tax issues. We use our knowledge to assist you with all your tax needs.

All our partners are registered Tax Practitioners.

Elrico Greyvenstein
Newtons has an IT department, providing IT solutions to assist our clients.

We are registered PASTEL agents and do installations, upgrades and provide all hardware required by Pastel. Pastel is a widely used accounting program to assist you with all your bookkeeping and payroll requirements.

We are also an ABACUS Agent and this program assists in all payroll functions. Contact us for any quotations or advice.

Lucha Greyling
Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) has become a fundamental part of doing business in South Africa and as chartered accountants, we are not only experienced in understanding business systems and processes but also in understanding the challenges that businesses face in the current economic environment.

We are therefore in the advantageous position of making the process an expeditious and convenient one for you, our client. We also offer all the services necessary: Consulting services - to help you understand and implement the correct procedures to become compliant or improve your rating. We can also help you prepare the file to be used for your annual verification.

B-BBEE certificates and verification - Whether you are an exempt organisation (turnover less than R5 million), a Qualifying Small Enterprise (turnover between R5 million and R35 million) or a Generic (turnover R35 million or more), we can supply you with a BEE certificate and perform the annual verification of your organisation.

Our fees are determined on a rate per hour basis and excludes VAT and disbursements. The introductory meeting is at no charge after which we will agree with you the scope and fee.

If you wish to view our B-BBEE certificates, please click on the year below:

When you are doing business across borders, you need professional advisors who are not only experts in the laws, tax systems, regulations and customs of your own jurisdiction, but who also have the experience, capabilities and resources to support your business activities in other countries.

That’s where MSI Global Alliance (MSI) can help. MSI is a global association of over 250 medium sized legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries around the world. It is this unique multidisciplinary approach to serving clients that makes MSI different.

MSI member firm professionals have in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide range of practice areas and with clients of all sizes, from listed companies and large public sector organisations, to owner-managed businesses and fast-moving start-ups.

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